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Happiness… all around


“Two decades ago I set out as an au-pair, later moving on to become a nanny and a housekeeper. Being the first from my family who set off to travel, this journey was unchartered territory”.


Renata arrived in the UK after travelling west from her home country of Slovakia. Over the next decade she would develop a whole host of Happy Home skills – learning to cook, run a house and nurture children to become the best version of themselves.


“Many of my mothering skills were shaped by some amazing English mothers. I will always be so grateful for that”.


Yet for many of the good experiences and memories made over the course of her career, Renata has also encountered some of the issues that blight the lives of home service employees.  Bullying, unpaid wages and endless hours in a hostile environment, being just some.

As unwelcome as these experiences were at the time, they today influence our way of working. In turn this helps us to create an exceptional experience for our candidates – from well-defined job descriptions to providing support and a fair contract moving forwards.


“I genuinely and deeply understand our business from the perspective of our nannies, housekeepers and other dedicated service providers”.


2000 - 2002

In 1998, Renata met her future husband, with Michael  – their first child arriving in 2002. As any new mother knows, this was a period of big decisions. Renata needed to work, but also yearned for the flexibility that would fit happily around family life.


And so, not long after Michael  came along, Happy Home was born – Renata’s business baby.

( actually I started the business when I was pregnant _ but is not big deal)


Those early days were filled with late evenings, early mornings and sleepless nights, and it’s safe to say that Happy Home has been a journey – with many twists, turns, mistakes and misjudgements to lead us to where we are today. These experiences have proven invaluable, and even now we’re still learning.


“A Happy Home was a dream for me as a child. 17 years on, I help that dream become reality for our clients – clean homes, delicious meals, friendship for the elderly, personal assistants who make the everyday stress-free.

In every sense, Happy Home is the result of my personal story, professional experience and talents of our care givers”.


Honesty, empathy and pride


We make a difference in people’s life. When all is said and done, that is what lies at the heart of our business.

Our people are reliable, honest and caring. We repay them by providing job security, crystal-clear responsibilities and a feeling of being valued. Our people become part of the families they serve and great friends with their fellow co-workers.


The terrible tragedy of Grenfell…

And the acts of kindness that came from it…

Our values really came to the fore when the devastating fire of Grenfell claimed 72 lives. One of our colleagues, living in the local neighbourhood, inspired us to help. We contributed personally, helped at centres and we asked our clients to help too. We collected items and were amazed at the response and contribution we could make – all thanks to our people and our clients.

This stirred something in us – we discovered just how much satisfaction could be gained by helping and giving to others.


Happy Home – ALL for good causes

The nurturing element of our service is so important, and as we sought a charity to support that reflected this focus we came across in-visible, a great charity for the good cause of providing school meals and education in the Philippines.

70% of our candidates hail from this part of the globe - it’s no overstatement to say they’re the reason why we’re so successful. Our contributions are our way to give thanks.

Read the story of in-visible