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General Information

CleanerPlus is a service provided by our sister company, Happy Home Cleaning Limited.

Our Cleaner-Pluses are perfect for professionals who do not have time to take care of the standard housekeeping chores, but only need someone for about 15 hours a week or less.

Alongside standard cleaning, our Cleaner-Pluses can also carry out..

  • Ironing, laundry, changing bed sheets, towels..
  • Cleaning antiques, polishing brass and sliver
  • Help with food preparation
  • Party help/waiting
  • Light shopping
  • Occasional childcare
  • Looking after pets
  • Other bespoke tasks such as reorganising cupboard and wardrobes..
  • Basic gardening

Our Cleaners

We believe that our service is as good as our Cleaners. Therefore, we can only be as good as our staff. We take great care in the selection of our staff. Our Cleaners are well experienced and professional with a minimum of 2 years UK-based experience with excellent checkable references and a good level of spoken and written English. It's extremely important to be able to communicate with your Cleaner, whether through a text or phone call. Quite often, a change of plans, or something forgotten means updating your Cleaner. If their English is weak, you simply cannot do this unless you are face to face, and that adds significant limitations. One significant benefit of Happy Home Cleaners is our No Disruption policy: If your Cleaner is off sick or away on holiday, then we at Happy Home Cleaners will do our best to provide you with a trained and experienced replacement.


The first cleaning of your home will be taken care of by your new Cleaner together with a trained Happy Home personal co-ordinator. Our co-ordinators also come from cleaning backgrounds and have a very high standard of cleaning and attention to detail. Your assigned co-ordinator will get involved in the first cleaning engagement to understand the extent and the amount of work needed to achieve the high standards we aim for on all visits. This way, the co-ordinator will be aware of your homes needs and the routine in place. This will enable them to take charge when cover is required as well as being your personal point of contact if needed.

Quality Control

Your personal Happy Home co-ordinator will make regular visits to your home/ premises with your knowledge and permission, to make sure that the standard our Cleaners are providing for you is as high as we promise.

Our Cost

Our standard rate starts at just £15 per hour, based on a minimum of 4 hours per visit.