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Nanny & Housekeeper Recruitment Agency

Clients & Families Registration

If you want to use our services, we will need to obtain some initial details from you.

The Process

Please remember that there is absolutely no charge for registering with us, and that you are under no obligation to use our services.

We will then speak with you at length to ensure that we fully understand your requirements, and provide you with guidance, if needed, as to what type of childcare/home staff is most suitable for you.

Quite often we will have suitable applicants already on our books, and so you can tell us straight away if you would like us to progress with anyone in particular.

If we do not have any suitable applicants to hand, we will begin our search process to match your vacancy.

We will keep in regular contact to inform you on progress.

And if you want to progress with one of our applicants...

At this stage, we will contact the applicant to see if the feelings are mutual, and that the applicant would like to pursue your vacancy.

Depending on the position sought and the background of the applicant, we may have to carry out certain checks before we release an applicant for interviews. We will of course let you know if this relates to an applicant that you are interested in.

We will forward onto you the Happy Home Staff Applicant profile pack for anyone you are interested in, and we will follow up with you to find out who you would like to meet. Please note, for our applicants living abroad, this would constitute a telephone interview.

Ready to accept someone...

Once you accept someone for your vacancy, you will need to draw up a contract of employment. This will include particulars of the job and must include

  • Names of employer and employee
  • Job title
  • Start date
  • Place of work
  • Salary details
  • Duties
  • Contractual hours and specifics of overtime work
  • Sickness entitlement
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Length of notice required to terminate the contract
  • Details of disciplinary and grievance procedures

This contract is a legal obligation and we recommend that you complete this prior to commencement of the position.

As well as drawing up the contract, you are more than likely going to have to register with the Inland Revenue as an employer. This depends on the salary, but if it is more than £102 per week (for the 2011/12 financial year), you will be obliged to do so. You can read more about your responsibilities as an employer here.

Although we carry out thorough checks on our applicants, we always advise clients to satisfy themselves as to the history of their potential employee. If any details contradict our findings, we are always keen to learn about this.

Once the applicant starts

We are keen to make sure everything is going well and so we will contact you after a day, after a couple of weeks and after a month or two. Please remember that if you ever have any questions or concerns, we are only a phone call away.


Correct as of November 2018

Non-refundable registration fees £49.50  

UK Based

Full Time Placement Fees:

12% of Gross annual salary + VAT

Part Time Placement Fees:

4-6 days          4-6 hours/day                         £1950

3 days             4-6 hours/day                          £1400

2 days             4-6 hours/day                           £900

1 day               4-6 hours/day                            £650

3 days               6 hours+/day                           £2550

2 days               6 hours+/day                            £1600

1 day                 6 hours+/day                             £900


Maternity Nurse and Night Nannies:

£120 per week booked + VAT (where applicable)

£25 + VAT per day or part thereof

Household Couples

12% of Gross annual salary + VAT

Fees for Trials or Temporary Placements

Temporary/ Trials (more than 1 day)     

£120 per week or £30 per day + VAT                                                                                                                          

£120 + VAT for the first 4 weeks, there after £85 per week 

Overseas Based


18% of Net annual salary + VAT (where applicable)

Placements for Household Couples:

20% of Net annual salary + VAT (where applicable)

Fees for Trials or Temporary Placements

£144 per week

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