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At Happy Home Staff, we ask for a minimum of 4 years professional experience, preferably in the UK.


On occasion, we will accept applicants with 2 or more years, but only if their references are outstanding and they prove that they are first class candidates during our interview.

Applicants' experience must be provable by way of checkable references.

And so, what we require for our vetting process includes the following:

  • 2 proofs of ID (passport, driving licence, birth certificate), one of which must have a recent picture.
  • Originals of all child care related qualifications.
  • Employment references including proof. For these, we require a landline number and address.
  • Original of a valid first aid certificate, or agreement to obtain one prior to engagement.
  • A valid CRB check for enhanced disclosure, or agreement to obtain one prior to engagement.

If there are any items in the list above that you do not possess, such as first aid certificate or insurance, or think you will have trouble obtaining, such as reference details of a an old employer perhaps from another country, please talk to us about it, and we will advise you if and how it can be resolved.


The number of hours and salary can differ depending on a number of factors.


We are currently only focusing on jobs in London and the surrounding counties.


This is proportional to salary. The more experience and/or qualifications you hold, the higher a salary you can command. However, this is not just about volume, but also about the grades you obtain, and the references you receive.


Wages are commonly compared on a weekly basis, but every vacancy is different in terms of the hours required. The table below is based on a standard working week for the positions listed.

For live out nannies, the hours can often be 8am to 6pm daily, Monday to Friday. 
For live in, the hours can be slightly more, but on the flip side you may well have time off during the day when, for instance, the children are asleep. Live in positions often include 1 or 2 evenings of baby sitting.


Similar to hours, the level of duties/responsibilities required will have an affect on the salary.

Role Live In / Live Out / Hourly rate

From £400 net per week / From £500 net per week / From £10 net per hour


From £400 net per week/ From £500 net per week/ From £10 net per hour


From £400 net per week / From £500 net per week / From £10 net per hour


Maternity Nurse 
Single: From £180 per 24
Twins: From £200 per 24
Triplets: From £220 per 24

Daily/Night Maternity Nurse
Single: £15 per hour 
Twins: £15-18 per hour 

A Maternity Nurse is on duty 24 hours a day, usually 6 days per week. A Maternity Nurse must have at lease 1 day off per week.

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