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Verification Services

Verification Services

We understand at Happy Home that some families prefer to find their new nannies and housekeepers on their own, rather than commissioning the services of reputable agencies such as ourselves.

We offer several different options for you – from assisting you from the very beginning of your search, to just being on hand for ad hoc help at different points of your search. The options can be chosen either as bundled packages or as specific items.

Initial consultancy:

We offer an over the telephone consultancy with a trained and experienced consultant, providing you with:

  • guiding you on the professional market
  • advising you on your options
  • helping define the right package to offer your new employee
  • providing information on the average hours for live in candidates
  • Showing you places to personally advertise your role
  • sharing with you the market rates a professional candidate would expect
  • interview tips for your first interviews with prospective candidates.

We would also give advice and information on tax and national insurance, visas and extra courses your new domestic worker could take to increase their skills and knowledge. 
£100 per hour for a home visit and £45 per each additional hour there after 
£75 per hour for over the phone consultancy with £35 per hour there after

Interviewing your candidates

At Happy Home we have many years of experience and are happy to offer you a selection of interview tips along with a defined structure for you to be able to conduct an in depth interview – this should ensure that following an interview, you feel confident that you have found out all you need and you don’t have any questions popping up in the middle of the night. Furthermore, we can provide onsite assistance during an interview, whereby one of our consultants will join you at your home and interview the candidates with you, giving you professional feedback afterwards.

  • Interviewing candidates at our offices, during office hours - £200 – maximum of 4 candidates 
  • Interviewing candidates alongside client at home - £250 – Maximum of 4 candidates 
  • And £30 extra charge per hour for out of office hours and weekends

Reference Checking

Once you have found shortlisted your candidates, or found the right one, you want to make sure that their previous history is as declared, and that they have had a good, professional working relationship with past employers. We will professionally check up to 3 verbal references using information provided by the candidate and provide you with the documented findings of the verbal conversation, including our professional verdict. We use our own in house developed process for verbal reference checks, designed by experienced consultants, to make sure we cover all aspects of the candidate’s skills and personality. We can also follow up on any non-standard specific questions you may have. 

  • £75 fixed fee for a maximum of 3 references
  • Assisting DBS enhanced criminal bureau check

At Happy Home we have an excellent relationship with Enable, who provide enhanced DBS checks. We can work with the candidate to fill out the official form and retrieve all the necessary documentation. We then send this with our company sponsorship, and the DBS certificate is sent to the domestic worker within 6 – 10 weeks. We also receive notification of the results here and we would inform you on their arrival. An enhanced DBS can not be obtained by a family and can only be done through a business such as ours. 
Fixed fee of £75

Fully comprehensive employment contract

An employment contract for a domestic worker can be quite different to a standard, off-the-shelf one, and is in either case a complex document that requires time and care to draw up appropriately to your position.. We can draw up and provide you with a fully comprehensive and legally verified employment contract for your new domestic worker, which will abide by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s guidelines and would include all the information on sick pay, holiday entitlement, disciplinary action and notice periods. After speaking with you in detail about the agreed duties and responsibilities, we will send you a draft copy of the employment contract, and once you have confirmed this we will send out a copy for both yourself and your new domestic worker. 
Fixed Fee of £40 mock copy 
Fixed fee of £60 for drawn up copy to meet the client’s specific needs


Package one:

  • Initial at home consultancy for one hour 
  • Interviewing a maximum of 4 candidates at the clients home inside work hours 
  • Providing verbal references a maximum of 3 
  • DBS enhanced police check 
  • Comprehensive contract drawn up for the client’s specific needs 
  • All inclusive £500 (a saving of £60 on the individual item cost)

Package two:

  • Reference checks (maximum of 3) 
  • DBS enhanced police check 
  • Employment contract drawn up for the client’s specific needs 
  • All inclusive £180 (a saving of £30 on the individual item cost)



Verification Services - Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1. In these Terms of Business the following definitions apply: 

“Candidate” means the person selected by the Client for the purpose of filling the Client's position; 

“Client” means the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated Company as defined by the Companies Act 1985, which requests the services of the Agency; 

“Agency” means Happy Home Staff Limited trading as Happy Home Childcare

“Home Visit” is defined as a personal visit by an Agency consultant to the Client's home to provide the agreed services. The standard time frame is 3 hours, and this includes services for up to 4 candidates; 

“Office Visit” is defined as arrangement by the Agency to provide the facilities to perform the agreed services at the offices of the Agency, or a suitable alternative location pre agreed with the Client; The standard time frame is 3 hours, and this includes services for up to 4 candidates; 

“Office Hours” Office hours are stated as Monday to Thursday 9am – 5.30pm and Fridays from 9am – 4.30pm; 

1.2. Unless the context requires otherwise, references to the singular include the plural. 

1.3. The headings contained in these Terms of Business are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation. 

2. General

The Agency consultants are not responsible for the choice of candidate and are only there to give their professional opinion and guidance, respective of the chosen service. 
The Agency will not be responsible for any placements which prove to be unsuccessful, and all feed respective of services provided will still be payable 
All services will be invoiced and sent by post on the day of the booking 
All services should be paid within 7 days by cheque or balance transfer 
The agency reserves the right to charge interest on unpaid invoiced amounts after 14 days of non payment. 
Registering with the Agency is deemed acceptance of our terms and conditions. 

3. Interviewing candidates

A Home Visit or Office Visit is limited to 3 hours in duration and no more than 4 candidates can be interviewed during this time. 
If the duration exceeds 3 hours, or the client wishes to interview more than 4 candidates, additional surcharges will apply. However, the Agency is not obliged to assist with such additional requests if they have not been agreed beforehand. 
The service includes a 30 minute follow up discussion by telephone, at a time convenient to both Client and Agency, and during Office Hours. 
For the Office Visit, it is the choice of the Client if they want to be involved or attend the interview in the office. 
The Agency will need 24 hours notice of any interview being cancelled. If this is not given, 50% of the fee will still be incurred. 
It is not the responsibility of The Agency if the candidate is late or does not show for their interview. The full fee will still be incurred. 
The Agency will use its own interview questionnaire to interview the candidates unless otherwise stated by the client. However, additional questions will need to be reviewed and agreed by the Agency beforehand, and the Agency reserves the right to refuse to ask questions that it deems are not suitable or contravene the standards set down by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. 
The Agency will provide the Client with a signed copy of the notes taken during the interview, a copy of which will be held by the Agency in a confidential file. 


  • Home Visit during office hours - £250 
  • Office Visit during office hours - £200 
  • Surcharge for visits outside of office hours - £30 per hour 
  • Surcharge for visits that cross over the agreed 3 hour/4 candidate limitation - £75 per 45 minute or per additional candidate, whichever is the greater

4. Consultancy

Any consultancy must be booked and paid for in advance. 
Any telephone based consultancy will take place with the consultant in a private office for confidentiality purposes – all notes taken will be saved in a confidential file.


Telephone based consultancy is charged at £75.00 for the first hour and £35.00 for any additional hours during the same call. 
If the Agency is asked to consult subsequently, this is treated as a new consultation and the first hour will again be charged at £75.00 and £35.00 per hour thereafter. 
Home based consultancy is charged at £100.00 for the first hour and then £45.00 per each additional hour during the same visit. 
If the Agency is asked to return for a subsequent session, the first hour will again be charged at £100.00 and £45.00 per hour thereafter. 
Surcharge for visits outside of office hours - £30 per hour

5. Reference Checking

The Agency does not take responsibility for retrieving contact details including telephone numbers of the verbal references. These should be supplied by the Client and/or Candidate 
The Agency will use specifically designed verbal reference questionnaires unless otherwise stated by the client, in this case the client will provide questions for the consultant however the consultant has the right to not ask questions they feel are not suitable or breech the recruitment and employment confederation guidelines. 
All verbal references will be documented, dated and signed by the Agency and sent to the Client with the consent of the referee. 
The Agency is providing its expertise in extracting the most suitable information from the referee. The information will be documented and provided in good faith. However, the Agency does not take any responsibility for the content of any reference, whether positive or negative. 
The Agency reference checking service is used as an aid and the decision to employ a candidate though the reference should be the decision of only the Client. The Agency will only provide facts and professional opinion. 
The Agency will take a maximum of 3 verbal references . 
The Agency will make reasonable endeavours to obtain a verbal reference, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. In such cases, the Agency will provide evidence of the efforts made. The full fee will still be payable.

6. Enhanced DBS check

The Agency uses the Enable Company to process all Enhanced DBS application 
The Agency will supply the necessary tools to apply for an enhanced DBS police check, which will include an application form, a booklet on how to complete the form, a self addressed envelope back to the Agency for checking, and information on what documentation to include. 
The enhanced DBS can take up to 8 weeks to be processed. A copy of the police check will be sent directly to the Candidate at their stated address. 
It is then the responsibility of the Candidate to show this to the Client, and provide a photocopy for their records. 
A letter informing The Agency of the contents of the DBS check will be sent direct to The Agency, who will, in turn, inform the Client. 
The Agency will take no responsibility for any delay in the final result of the DBS if it is over the suggested 8 week time period 
The Agency will take no responsibility for the results of the Enhanced DBS check


The Agency charges a set fee of £75.00 for enhanced DBS checks – this includes the DBS fee itself.

7. Employment Contracts

The Agency will provide a basic contract template, verified by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and/or a completed contract based on the information provided by the Client and Candidate. The Agency does not take responsibility for any changes made by the Client or the Candidate after it has been supplied. The Agency reserves the right to retrieve and keep a copy of the contract signed by both the client and the candidate. The Agency will take no responsibility for any breaks in contract by the client or candidate.


The Agency will charge a fee of £40.00 for a copy of a statutory contract – this is a drafted copy and is the responsibility of the client to make sure that the contract is legally binding and accurate with regards to employment law. 
The Agency will charge a fee of £60.00 for a fully comprehensive contract, which will be legally binding and adapted to the Client’s and Candidate’s personal needs as long as it abides by the law.